“A Midnight Dream” by Shaniqua Sutton

“Good morning, sweetness. How you feel?”

This would be the first sentence to rush across my lips on the long road that leads to your ears. The second that you open your eyes my heart begins to flutter.

An internal shutter of astonishment every time I see the twinkle in your eyes,

in those beautiful orbs, I can see my forever.

And in that forever,

you chose me over and over and over again to where I could not contain the elation of my soul.

And you haven’t even spoke, yet your voice calls out to me

just as a reminder that everything is going to be okay.

You sing my favorite song every day and you don’t even know it.

Countless days I have spent in your embrace,

and I cannot remember the last time that I didn’t feel like I did not belong with you.

I want to spend the days I have left letting you know how wonderful you are.

Are you able to feel magic as well as despair at the same time?

Think of it this way…

I never thought that I would ever write things like this,

but spending more and more time locked in your gaze allows for reflection.

All of this I would tell you,

but right now the only phrase to claw its way out is “I love you”.

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