Amid the Infinite

Amid the Infinite


Give a glance to the sky, then a nod to the earth,

They are symbolic of true devotion expressed.

I dare not trivialize the celestials above.

However our binding connection remains unaddressed.


Though there are trillions of stars abiding,

Only one was required for Earth.

What if before Time’s clock ticked,

He assessed their attributes and worth?


Every ethereal star paraded before the World,

Yet one in particular befell his glance.

A star clad in yellow melted Earth’s core.

Could she be the one, perchance?


Golden beams beckoned him closer

And Earth was enlightened on what it meant to be alive.

Intertwined became their new existence

Revolving together as a means to survive.


As darkness snuffs out her rays,

Earth bids his shining Sun adieu.

But night is no deterrence for her unfaltering faithfulness;

Every morning her brilliance breaks through.


I marvel at how the sun and earth endure,

Prospering as two symbiotic beings.

For she provides him life,

And he gives her life meaning.


What lies transfixed between the firmament,

And stretching ground beyond our sight,

Will never surpass as secret knowledge,

If I could be your ball of dust and you my beams of light.


By Grace Arredondo

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