Poets Inc Weekly Challenge: letter to a landscape/scene that you remember vividly of pass by daily.


Dear Reflection:

The touch of it makes me feel as if anything can be achieved but it can all fade away with one single stray. I can go three ways but it refuses to stay because it refuses to play. It goes cold to bold; and hot to hit the spot but every now and then it remains room temperature because sometimes it’s best to be neutral so you can see when the rain drop hits and splits you can be dismissed. -KB



The excitement of when I see you fills me up so warmly, I wait endlessly for you to be with me again to walk so easily into the cavern that hugs me gently.

There you wait to surround me with the two parts of me I hold dear; there you wait for me that I may gaze out into wonder; there you wait for only me to see.

There I stand staring from below looking at your emptiness crying out for me to sit with you again just like me so impatiently yarning for my simple presents

Waiting to put me at peace after my heart stops racing

You my Hyper-Paradise

By: A.N.

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