Birth by Xavier Hall

From my mother’s womb

I rose from prince to be a king

Even with lack of encouragement I aspire to reach my dreams

Raised to be a gentleman spent time round many queens

Listen to my words please know it’s not always what it seems

I’ve been around the block a couple more times than I’d wish to

But being raised with respect just tends to be my biggest issue

Would I be willing to have a daughter who meets a guy who is just like me

Well no I wouldn’t but simply because nobody can be like me

My ups and downs and trials and tribulations are something I wish on no one I’d hate if they were replicated

Played like a fool so many times then bit my tongue cause it was wrong I wasn’t raised like this

Realize I’m more than a person who just splits thighs

After a long time I found out what’s right

What is truly important is exploring her mind

I messed up numerous times in the past

Pass on personality paying attention to the wrong things

And payback hits hard in the form of karma I wasn’t born with these problems just been attracted to drama
I’m sick of that I’m grown now and games aren’t that amusing

If getting to know you is my mission that’s just what I’m pursuing

But in the end respect is important I was raised by my mama

By: Xavier S. Hall

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