“Zodiac Signs” Zabre’ Dinnerson

What’s your name?

What’s your sign?

I love your style.

You seem cool.

Judging by your courageous enthusiasm you could be an Aries. But you’re superficial and indecisive like the Gemini. Confidence is key,

loyalty you can find in me though.

If you’re anything like that then maybe we can kick it.

Shit, you just might be a Leo.

Can you handle my strong words? Yes you’re accepting,

But like the Pisces you’re overly sensitive and voicing my opinion to you I’ll sure be regretting.

Hmm you’re independent and quiet as well…

Not a social butterfly I see.

You could be a Scorpio, but with you it’s so damn hard to tell.

Yeah you got a mouth on you, and stubborn as a bull.

Maybe a Taurus is what I need in my life to make me feel full.

I can see that you’re caring, though you’re self absorbed.

Just like the heart of the Cancer, you may just be the answer. Despite the fact that you can be inflexible, you’re reliable.

That’s someone I need in my life, a Virgo is acceptable.

I’m looking for someone who can keep me leveled.

Responsible, headstrong and patient like the Capricorn you are, but you’re ¬†distrusting.

Your trust is what I don’t have time to be chasing.

Someone I can grow with is what I’m lusting.

True to yourself you’ll stay, an original Aquarius witty and clever.

But you can come off as aloof

which makes me question if you’ll ever push me away.

Graceful and diplomatic like the Libra, but you cannot deny that you come across as vain.

There’s nothing wrong with self-confidence,

but conceited makes me look down on you in disdain.

Someone that craves adventure will always keep me on my toes, maybe a Sagittarius is what I need, friendly and social.

But when it comes to saying what’s on your mind,

your words are blunt which makes you seem unemotional.

So out of the 12, I bet I can guess which one you are.

But you have so many characteristics, there’s a ton.

You have the trait of every sign,

it’s hard to just single out one.

Which one are you?

An Aries?


A Leo?

Wrong again.

Alright fine, you win.

The truth is, I don’t know which one you are nor do I care what sign you’re from.

Despite every characteristic, despite every flaw,

I think you’re perfect.

I’m infatuated by you.

I’m in awe.

Zabre’ Dinnerson

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