“Gratitude”by Alaya Burnham

To show gratitude to another human being

For their kindness is engraved in my bones.

Second nature is the appreciation that I have

For those who do, what they do not have to do

Say what they do not have to say,

And give what they do not have to give,

But do anyway, out of sweetness of their soul.

Appreciation in the form of actions as well as words

Are sparse in sincerity during this age.

“Thank you” has become habitual and thus

A superficial form, of communicating that

We “know” what manners are, and how to properly

Use them.

But is superficial better than, no verbal appreciation at all?

People who do not say thank you are frowned upon,

They madly irritate those who execute charity and

Good will–

They burn bridges, and hinder some of the opportunity

They otherwise would have had. They are detached,

Insensitive, and lack awareness.

But what makes them any different than the superficials–

Other than the fact that they do not exercise the mastery

Of their manner-skills?

Yet still, thank you, means nothing,

If you do not mean it.

Alaya Burnham

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