“Building Me” Mikaela Crutchfield

Building Me

He told me I was a good girl

But apparently not enough

I’m trying to stay tough, but God this road is so rough

I thought he built me up, but all I feel is down

Our foundation was strong

I thought our foundation was enough to get through this storm

Walls up from past flames

Window full of hope

Blinds to cut off the expectations of the world

He wanted to move

Move to a new building

A new beginning

Because the thing we had wasn’t good enough

I’m built from the ground up

I’m built from pain and tears that fall like rain

I’m not being sarcastic I’m speaking real

Even though he tore me down

Listen y’all I’m focusing on me now

My confidence is high and maybe I’m reaching for the sky

I refuse to fall down

I’m building myself instead of tearing myself down

He’s just a clown

And I’m building myself up reaching for a crown

By: Mikaela Crutchfield

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