Issues with Transgender People and Bathrooms

By Janae Belt

 Issues with Transgender People and Bathrooms

It seems that transgender people in our society are fighting for the right to use their bathroom of choice. Transgender people probably feel that they have the right to use whichever bathroom they choose. There are a lot pros and cons regarding the bathroom usage of transgender people. Some people feel that transgender people should use bathrooms that match the sex assigned on their birth certificate.


A lot of people, who have argued against transgender people and the usage of bathrooms of their choice argue that while someone changes thirst gender, they still have the private parts of the sex they were assigned at birth. Some women are concerned that allowing transgender women (men who were born male but are transitioning to female). using the women’s bathroom, could open the door for sexual predators to lie about their gender in order to get into a female’s private spaces and violate them. Therefore, opponents of transgender people being able to use whatever bathroom they please feel that it would be unsafe to give transgender people the ability to choose what bathroom they would prefer to use. To them the best thing is for transgender people to use the bathroom of their assigned sex.


Although it would not be a permanent fix to the problem; if transgender people are not allowed to use the bathroom of their choice, then there should be a unisex bathroom. Having transgender people use a unisex bathroom is still discriminatory towards them, however it prevents them from being harassed. Transgender people are still human beings like everyone else, and we should all should have equal rights under the law. Recently, same-sex marriage became legal everywhere so homosexuals could get married where they pleased and have the right to live a married life with the one they love. Therefore, transgender people should have their rights to live as they please.

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