Hobson Lecture with Edward P. Jones

Hobson Lecture By: Zariya B.


Edward P. Jones was born in 1950 in Washington D.C. He graduated from the college of the Holy Cross and the University of Virginia. He is an American novelist and short story writer.  His first book was Lost in the City, all of his novels and short stories have to do with African-Americans.  

The Hobson course lecture took place on Thursday, March 31,2016 in Turner Auditorium. This event counted as a perspective credit, and the lecture lasted for an hour. The author Edward P. Jones was given a medal and another gift of recognition and as a thanks for coming to Chowan.Edward P. Jones did not talk much on the novel The Known World, but instead he read the beginnings of two of his other stories. As he read his stories aloud to room, everyone was engaged and wondered what happened at the end once he stopped reading. Mr Jones was a very calm and quiet man, he said what he had to say and that was it. He appreciated the warm welcome he received.

There was a question and answer portion at the end of the authors reading, there were not too many questions regarding to how he came up with his stories other than are the people real. Edward P. Jones seemed to be more on the quiet side, a man who said the most through writing. When asked how he came up with his storylines, he said that it came from his imagination and the whole book was written in his head. Overall it was a great experience, a Pulitzer prize winner can and shared his writing style with Chowan.

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