Kyokushin Karate with Sensei Kenny Buffaloe


On Thursday February 11, 2016 I sat down with Sensei Kenny Buffaloe who teaches a three credit Kyokushin Karate course to willing students of  Chowan University. Buffaloe who is originally from Japan but lives in Creedmoor North Carolina states “He has a big passion for teaching this fighting style, his favorite part is seeing students grow”.

Buffaloe started his training at the age of six it has been 50 years since Buffaloe was first introduced to his style. Buffaloe is proud of his accomplishments within the realm of Kyokushin fighting. He expects students to experience a grounded style of Karate. He wants to remind them that this fighting style is much different than any other they have encountered on TV. Students can expect to gain a level of discipline with this no nonsense Karate style.

While many people may think this fighting style is too dangerous, Buffaloe states “it’s really just a way to get people prepared for real life fighting situations.”. The example he gave came in the form of a story about a 10 year old boy. Sensei buffaloe had been training this young man for 5 years, one day while riding his bike, the young man was confronted by 4 young men. Upon being attacked the young man fought off two of his attackers using Kyokushin fighting. The other two ran away frightened. While Buffaloe says that this is not a typical experience he does believe Kyokushin can be used to protect people in the real world. Buffaloes’ son who is 16 years old and training in the way of Kyokushin is following in the footsteps of his dad in becoming great in the style of Kyokushin fighting.

It was former Chowan professor Dr. Kirk Peterson who arranged for me to start my Kyokushin class as an adjunct instructor at Chowan in 2007. I am very grateful and appreciative to him for giving me this wonderful opportunity.  I am also thankful for the support and assistance of Dr. Danny Moore and Dr. Tom Collins in the P.E. department here at Chowan. They both have been great and I have enjoyed working with them over the years. I hope the class will continue to benefit the students here at Chowan who sign up each semester.  It is my privilege and pleasure to continue training them in the discipline and philosophy of Kyokushin.


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