What Does Black History Mean to You?

Black history month which was once known as African-American history month in America is to remember the important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. Often times our history and events seems as if the people are forgetting what African –Americans have to done to also help the country be even greater than it is. African Americans have done so much over the expanded time and think it’s something that should be recognized throughout the years and not just in the month of February.

Black history means to me is that we should all come together as brothers and sisters, as one and keep teaching the history so that it won’t fade away. We should have pride in ourselves and confidences in our own beauty. While we take the time to celebrate this particular month of February we should focus on the talents and sacrifices that our ancestors have fought so hard to get we should never forget where we come from. Black History month will forever be important in our lives because of the many people before who put in so much work to get us to the place we are now. If it wasn’t for a few of the activist who pave the way like Rosa park and Martin Luther king Jr. we wouldn’t be able to enjoy life like we’re doing now if Dr. King didn’t fight for equal rights and Rosa Parks would’ve have gave up her sit on the bus I wonder what the world would be like now in our society.

The purpose of black history month is to educate our minds and continue to give us knowledge. We need to be proud we have just as many smart, important black people as any other race. And if we don’t talk about our past to our future they are as good as lost. Since many schools aren’t teaching the history we have to reach out more and teach others so it will not fade away.

By, Bradley Brown

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