It’s Not All About The Eye Black and Sunflower Seeds

The baseball coaches and players are filled with excitement now that the season is in full swing. I had the opportunity to sit down with a few members of the team and discuss how they felt about the upcoming season.

For freshman Paul Parker, he is enjoying his first experience of being a college athlete. “The lifestyle of an athlete is very exciting. The workouts and practices are intense – a lot different than high school. One of the biggest challenges about being a college athlete, outside of baseball, is time management and adjusting to the curriculum.” Regarding the sport itself, he also notes a few differences between high school and college ball. “The speed of the game is much faster and the velocity and types of pitches you face are more challenging. Overall, being mentally prepared is the key to being successful at this level.” Anxious for the season, Paul hopes to contribute by stepping up as an infielder and being a consistent base runner.

Another new player to the team is junior transfer Connor Arcobasso from Kansas City, Missouri. “I was interested in coming to Chowan because the competition level is better and the program has a lot to offer.” Being seventeen hours away from home and playing in a new environment, Arcobasso states, “It’s new guys, a new team, but the same focus. We have an older team with a lot of experience so I anticipate us to have a good season. We just have to stay in our element and not give up any big games or big innings. We’ve become brothers and as long as we each give our best effort and have fun then we’ll play great baseball.”

For one player, however, his season is off to a different start. “I feel like I let my team down. I can’t even be there to support them because of a choice I made.” He’s been suspended for the first ten games of the season due to a failed drug test. “I knew they tested but I didn’t think I would get tested. It’s not worth taking the chance because everything you worked so hard for could be taken away by one phone call.” When asked how this experience had affected him, he replied, “I learned my lesson and I avoid putting myself in that situation anymore. I learned that I have to be responsible and be a good role model for the younger players.” He eagerly awaits the day he can suit up and take the field again.

Although the team is made up of many different people with different backgrounds and different situations, they all come together as a family playing for one common goal.

Author, Jennifer Harvell

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