SGA Elections are Approaching!!


Be Mindful thart SGA elections are slowly approaching..

April 13th and 14th Chowan will have the chance to pick their Next SGA President!!

Location: In front of Thomas Cafeteria


The Candidates are:

Sadayah Scott: Putting a Plan in Action to Assure your Satisfaction!!! 

















Joshua Alexander: Motivate, Ambitious, Confident!

We’re the same, Just a different name, Same goal so lets come together as a whole!




Where I’m From..


Seal_of_Virginia.svgI am from drinking Coca- Cola to get rid of headaches,

from watching Christenings and baptisms,

from my cup runneth over.

I am from reading books and using my imagination

I am from playing jumprope with cable cords, watching cartoons,

See you when I see yous.

I’m from green vegetables ,

from spinach is my favorite.

I’m from try new things and explore the world,

soccer is a well played sport,

there’s nothing wrong with baking chocolate chip cookies in the evening.

I’m from smelling bacon in the early mornings,

From Christmas tree traditions,

Sunday school,

and morning worship services.

I’m from a city of lost youth,

hopeless romantics,

homeless sleeping under a bridge,

Where we continue to go about our daily lives.

I’m from Hampton, Virginia

By: Tierra Brewington

The Lord is my shepherd..

The Lord is my shepherd and I am his lamb so when I am lost he finds me

I get down on my knees and pray to my lord because when I’m alone he’s behind me
He holds the world in his hands and knows future present and past so with him my faith is maintained
So before I rest at night and close my eyes I pray the lord my soul to keep for if I die before I wake I pray the lord my soul to take Amen.
By: Xavier Hall


Word of Encouragement..

“Yo; like to be honest everyone has an opinion it’s your decision if it matters or not and whether or not their opinion matters stay true to yourself”



By: Xavier Hall

Eve then Adam…


adam and eve

I have so many conceivable thoughts

That race through my mind

As I am pressed with the dogma of

Not being merely enough to amount

To a man.


Yet I am forced to consider

The notion that man is just another

Word for pity.

Pity to men who cannot see the strength

In what it requires to be woman.

To dodge the criticism that we are hammered

With as we compare and contrast what

We have to that of “ideal women” in

Vogue magazines.

Second-guessing our matte lipstick and our filled

In eyebrows–

This is what we do to make ourselves look pretty

This is what we do so people think that we are pretty.

We paint our reputation with the most vibrant color palette that we can find,

Seal it with set spray

Aiming for perfection or at least a face that is more symmetrical than

When we rolled out of bed this morning.


Before we conquer the world with our intelligence,

Yet are placed behind the scenes of billion-dollar companies that would

Not have been as successful without us.

We are repaid with a lower wage, despite our clean-cut, top-notch work ethic

And incomparably innovative minds.


We are creative

We are logical

We are sensitive to the needs of others.

We are equal, not less or superior to men.

We were not designed particularly to submit, but to instill balance within the culture of relationships and love.


Adam and Eve,


Eve then Adam

We are not half of a man

Instead we are whole woman




By: Alaya Burnham